Hale Borealis


Health Emergency Response Operations Staff
Name Phone Email
Andy Jones 907-334-2593 andy.jones@alaska.gov
Section Chief, Emergency Programs: Health Emergency Response Operations, EMS and Trauma
Sondra LeClair 907-334-2637 sondra.leclair@alaska.gov
Emergency Program Manager-Preparedness
Heidi Hedberg 907-269-5024 heidi.hedberg@alaska.gov
Emergency Program Manager-Response
Charles Pelton 907-334-242 charles.pelton@alaska.gov
Emergency Program Manager-Exercise, Training and Outreach
George Mayberry 907-269-2040 george.mayberry@alaska.gov
Health Emergency Response Operations Warehouse Manager, HSIN
Karie Hawk 907-334-2690 karie.hawk2@alaska.gov
Alaska Strategic National Stockpile Coordinator, Training, Exercise and Outreach Coordinator
*Karie is currently on Active Duty for the Alaska National Guard*
John Duffy 907-269-4266 john.duffy@alaska.gov
CDC Public Health Advisor
Todd Lecours 907-269-3042 todd.lecours@alaska.gov
AKTRACS, Ebola and Trauma Coordinator
Mariel Fonteyn 907-754-3556 mariel.fonteyn@alaska.gov
Health Emergency Response Operations Planner
Jessica Gould 907-334-0891 jessica.gould@alaska.gov
Health Emergency Response Operations Program Coordinator
EMS Unit Staff
Name Phone Email
Mark Miller 907-465-8633 mark.miller@alaska.gov
EMS Unit Manager
Carin Marter 907-465-3029 carin.marter@alaska.gov
EMS Certification
Ron Quinsey 907-465-8508 ron.quinsey@alaska.gov
EMS Training Coordinator
Todd McDowell 907-465-8634 todd.mcdowell@alaska.gov
Aurora Data Manager
Jopeel Quimpo 907-465-2262 jopeel.quimpo@alaska.gov
EMS Certification Assistant
Renée Escamilla 907-465-5467 renee.escamilla@alaska.gov
EMSC Program Coordinator
Trauma Program Staff
Name Phone Email
Julie Rabeau 907-334-2175 julie.rabeau@alaska.gov
Trauma Unit Manager
Ambrosia Romig 907-334-4471 ambrosia.romig@alaska.gov
Alaska Trauma Registry Manager